Mold Remediation Professional

In Fort Worth, TX
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Mold Remediation Professional

in Fort Worth, TX
Dallas - Fort Worth's #1 RESTORATION COMPANY
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Mold remediation is the process of inspecting, removing, and sanitizing moldy surfaces. Mold growing on indoor surfaces can pose a health hazard to humans. The most important thing you should do when you suspect that there is mold in your home or business is to get contaminated areas inspected by a certified professional. If you find out that there are indeed contaminants present, they will need to be removed and all affected materials must be properly cleaned before any new construction begins on the site.

The mold remediation specialists at Legacy Restoration of Tarrant County are available to provide mold removal services and help you with all of your needs. We employ certified mold remediation professionals who specialize in the treatment and removal of mold growth from any surface, including ceiling tiles or porous materials such as drywall or wood where moisture levels cannot be controlled.

We can remove any mold problem that is visible on surfaces, but also those areas that cannot be seen which may pose a health risk if not addressed promptly. Our mold remediation companies provide professional solutions for both residential and commercial clients throughout Tarrant County, including Arlington, Bedford, Benbrook, Burleson, Colleyville, Euless, Everman, Grapevine, Haltom City, Hurst, Keller, and Lewisville.

Certified Mold Remediation Experts

Our experts are certified and trained to properly handle your mold infestation. We receive regular training from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including OSHA and the Mold Protection Institute. Our certifications not only ensure that we are adhering to the established guidelines designed by these industry leaders, but also make us one of the few companies in Tarrant County capable of handling all of complex mold remediation and restoration.

Our certified mold remediation technicians in Fort Worth Tarrant County can remove the mold from your surfaces to prevent it from spreading and causing health risks. Depending on the level of contamination, the process may require a temporary patching solution for holes or cracks, followed by specialized cleaning products to eliminate the source of indoor humidity and dry out any organic materials. Our mold removal experts will also use high-efficiency particulate air scrubbers, HEPA filters, and precision equipment to prevent any future growth, as well as moisture sensors to identify areas of ongoing moisture buildup.

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Find and Remove Moldy Surfaces

Mold spores are a common part of the environment, but they produce allergens and skin irritation when moldy surfaces come into contact with water. Once you have identified an area where mold is growing, you must perform mold remediation as quickly as possible to stop the spread. Without mold remediation, mold spores can cause health problems and damage valuable possessions like clothing or furniture.

At Legacy Restoration of Tarrant County, we employ certified professionals who can provide you with professional mold contamination solutions. Our team is familiar with the entire process of mold remediation and will work hard to ensure that all traces are gone before they leave your home or business. We also offer a number of specialized services to help you determine the cause and source of contamination.

Professional Mold Contamination Solutions

Mold removal is a dirty and time-consuming job, which makes it crucial to have an experienced mold remediation specialist on your side. Getting rid of the mold alone is just the first step; left untreated, mold spores can cause mold damage to both people and property.

If you suspect that there are moldy wood surfaces in your home or business, call the team of certified mold removal experts at Legacy Restoration of Tarrant County.

Our team can work to identify the source of moisture and prevent mold growth, using professional equipment to remediate and remove any areas with unhealthy mold. We can test for dangerous levels of contamination and provide professional solutions to get your home or business back to normal.

We offer no-obligation inspections to ensure that you know exactly what is causing the problem before we take any action. We have extensive experience with a number of different types of mold.

Water & Fire Restoration

High-volume rains or thunderstorms can lead to water damage in residential and commercial properties, whether from leaks or flooding. In the winter months, the ice can lead to a burst pipe or cracked foundation. The experts at Legacy Restoration Services are ready to help with all kinds of water repair projects, including heavy-duty water extraction, mold restoration, and drying.

Water damage is more common than you might think, in part because the signs aren’t always obvious until it’s too late. For your peace of mind, we offer 24/7 emergency services so water damage like this can be handled head-on and as quickly as possible.

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Fire Odor Removal

Even if a fire is put out relatively quickly, the lingering odor can be overpowering and difficult to eliminate. Fires may leave behind heavy smoke residue that hangs in the air long after flames have burned themselves out. Even if you’re able to ventilate the damage, smoke odors can linger for weeks or months.

However, there are effective techniques available that can help remove lingering fire odors and return your home to a safe environment. We can employ various air purification and odor removal devices that draw out and neutralize contaminants in the air. This is most effective during the first few days after a fire when smoke odors are still strong and lingering.

It is important to get rid of any burnt items as soon as possible because they can continue to release potentially toxic chemicals into the air. Not only that, but they stink! We can also help with the cleanup of debris and other sooty materials—no fire damage restoration or fire-related commercial cleaning job is too big for our experts!

Home Damage Reconstruction

When smoke and water cause property damage, you need help quickly. The experts at Legacy’s damage restoration services can help with everything from structural repairs to salvaging personal belongings. Even if your property is completely destroyed, we can help with reconstruction and rebuilding to get you back into your home as soon as possible.

It is important to keep in mind that fire and mold damage restoration work can be very expensive, especially for commercial buildings. Major insurance companies will avoid paying the entire cost of repairs but do not let them pay out less than you’re entitled to. You may want to contact a lawyer to help you file a claim to ensure that you receive all of the compensation you want.

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Mold Remediation Services

It’s important to remove mold as quickly as possible, especially if there are symptoms of a respiratory or skin infection. Our professional mold removers in Tarrant County will work quickly to get the job done and provide ongoing relief from symptoms.

Before we begin removing mold problems, we will assess the affected area and apply a specialized mold cleanup process. Our certified technicians can provide ongoing mold damage inspection, mold removal, and mold remediation solutions to keep your home or business clean.

We also offer a number of specialized services, such as removing black mold or removing heavy mildew and water damage. The level of service we provide depends on the severity of your situation. Mold remediation is not an easy process and no two jobs are the same.

Whether you have acquired a health problem or simply want to ensure that your home or business is free from harmful contamination, call us for all of your mold damage cleaning needs before the problem causes expensive damage to your home. We’re happy to work with your homeowners’ insurance agent on your behalf.

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